Character Strengths

An Insight on my Personal Traits

A test I took ranked my current character strengths,
This tool gave me personal insight, and highlighted my opportunities for growth.

Signature Strengths

My top five strengths are indicative of how I wish to treat others. I try to, "Talk less and listen more."
I love to hear people's stories and communicate with empathy and genuine interest.

Middle Strengths

I am happy to see Social Intelligence (SI) on this list. I believe having Emotional Intelligence (EI) positively affects your interactions with those around you. With SI or EI, I am aware of my emotions and others' emotions.
I can effectively manage myself and nurture my relationships.  

Lesser Strengths

Naturally, I am the opposite of a risk-taker. Using my prudent nature, I carefully consider my options.
I know how to follow directions, as well as complete repetitive tasks. I enjoy the feeling of mastering a skill.

I hope to use my open-mindedness to improve my lesser strengths and become a more well-rounded individual.