Why I.T.?

A Stylistic Touch

I have a creative, attentive eye for how things are presented; whether it be creating marketing, styling fashion, or simplifying technical information. The rules of computers and efficient systems provide my mind with great ease.

Rules, constraints, and formulas are consistent if performed correctly.

Nearing the end of my Fashion Merchandising degree, I took a class called Advanced Spreadsheets, which primarily involved Microsoft Excel.

This class reignited the skills I used in computer programming, and I became fascinated with how a software could make tasks and business run smoother and more efficiently. This led me to pursue a degree in IT Management, in which I have gained skills that range from Leadership and Human Resources to Data Management and Networking.

Today, one of my biggest interests are databases.
In my future career, I hope to use data to find patterns, explanations, and provide backing for business decisions