My Work

Municipal Court Information Technology Intern

Graphs made in Microsoft Excel to provide the results of hundreds of court cases monthly, and thousands year-by-year. 

Executives and administration can quickly view patterns and changes. 

Production Assistant

Promoted the company's events through writing and visual content.

Assisted in acting, art, film, and poetry collaborations; communicated ideas to the masses.

Snappy Fingers Ticket Design

Meant to be eye-catching, as the first ticket design
to a monthly poetry event, Snappy Fingers

Designed in Adobe Express

Bridal Stylist

In this position, I used knowledge, judgement, and
active listening to recommended styles for customers.

I ensured the store looked organized and creatively
placed items to visually appeal to clients

A secondary job role of mine was to be a
Customer Service Representative (CSR).

I politely assisted each customer I encountered
whether over the phone or in-person.

I loved to make the store beautiful,
like a dream for our customers, who will
celebrate an occasion in their lives

For privacy,
There are no photos of brides, bridesmaids, or special occasion shoppers

Still, here you will see my merchandising work

2022 Store Remodel

In Q2 2022:
With over 300 stores, our store reached the top 1% of stores
in the nation!

During my two years at this company, our team regularly received accolades for:

Styling & Merchandising


Trend Forecasting 2022: A Look Back

A fashion forecast for what people will be wearing in Spring/Summer 2022, created with market and trend research

My 2020 prediction was:
Loose-fitting and environmentally-conscious clothes will be all the rage

A look back:
My forecast was correct, in an unprecedented way

A company-specific Trend Forecast

My predictions for what we can expect to see from Nike. Vibrant colors and incoming smart fabrics

A look back: 2022 has brought iridescent styles, as well as clothing and accessories with utility attributes
such as pockets, and resistant or recycled fabrics

Smart fabrics have not yet become normalized, which may be contributed to post-pandemic
consumer behavior, preferring necessities over luxurious items

Creative Work

Made in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

Fashion Show Ticket Design

Collaborated with two designers to create the ticket and flyer design for the annual fashion show in March, 2020

Hosted by the El Paso Community College Fashion Program

Illustration Collage

Made to complement Alice In Wonderland:
Through the Looking Glass theme

Collection Mood Board

A mood board for my fashion collection, "Gold Collar Worker"

Upscale attire for womenswear, suited to face the concrete jungle

Logo & Business Design

A food truck company that sold wings

Worked in a group of four to create a company, complete with a vision and mission statement, hours, and objectives

Designed business logo in Adobe Illustrator

Buying For a Store

Created in Microsoft Excel. Calculated net income, used sum formulas, and established relational table references

Social Media Marketing for On Next Sunday fashion boutique